Joy Sackett Wood

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Grief Transformation Coach & Author

When a traumatic event occurs in our life it quite naturally causes us a great deal of anxiety. Our feelings and emotions at times like this are in turmoil because we feel out of control, powerless, unsure of the future, lost, empty and alone. We may question our beliefs or our faith, everything that was normal is now changing and that can be very frightening. If not addressed, this anxiety can develop into stress and lead to depression.

When we are worried or fearful over a period of time, this negative thinking becomes an unhealthy and unwanted habit embedded in our thoughts, influencing our emotions, our moods, our physical reactions and ultimately the way we perceive things to be and our actions are then guided by this perception.

Counselling can help by empowering you to understand that these feelings are your own personal responses to the trauma and are perfectly normal, enabling you to accept them as part of your grieving process, which then helps to release these emotions, bringing a clearer and calmer understanding of your thoughts and feelings.

I am here to support you and help you to understand the process you are going through. Having someone who will listen empathically and without prejudice can be such a powerful experience, enabling you to release the negative thoughts and reach a place of acceptance within yourself.