Joy Sackett Wood

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Grief Transformation Coach & Author

From Hole to Whole

Embracing the Transformational Power of Grief and Loss

There are many books on grief and grieving. How is this book different?

Joy takes you beyond the accepted therapeutically known grief process, showing you how to evolve as a person, undergo a personal transformation and develop your soul through your grief. This book is all about you becoming aware that you are a multi-dimensional being – a person who functions on many levels – and a vibrational-energy being who, following deep sadness and sorrow, is able to live a life filled with love, happiness and immense joy. You can have an ongoing relationship with your loved one, albeit a different one, as Joy did through her own personal journey. She offers suggestions, tools, techniques, case studies, scientific evidence, personal insights and knowledge to enlighten you.

Throughout this book, she takes you through her journey of experiencing a different relationship with her son which has been both remarkable and unexpected. This represents a personal story in which Joy’s son made it clear to her that he didn’t want her to grieve, but wanted her to learn and understand. Alongside this, she shares the ten levels of her RESILIENCE model, which will support you through each stage of grief to spiritual enlightenment.

Using an acronym of the word ‘RESILIENCE’ to progress through the layers of the book is truly inspired as it is this amazing human characteristic that gets us through many traumas in our lives. Joy clearly demonstrates that our own resilience can be nurtured and grown to make us strong enough to not only survive, but to bounce back from even our darkest times. The idea of building layers of resilience to fill the ‘hole’ left by the grief is a wonderful concept and using the different coloured layers as the book progresses demonstrates this very clearly.

From Hole to Whole book cover
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“I wrote the book because during my personal grief journey I made some very interesting and unexpected discoveries. I felt compelled to share these and my expertise gained through my professional training to guide and support others on a practical level to see death and change as an opportunity to think about life.

In the book, I show how to embrace the transformational power of grief and loss, through my step-by-step RESILIENCE process because grief and loss can be immensely powerful and lead to a whole new way of living and thinking.”

illustration of silhouette figure on grief journey