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Amazon Reviews for Joy’s book ‘From Hole to Whole’
“…The book is well put together and has been created with a great deal of care and love to convey all the author has learned about grief, both as a professional and personally, and especially about how she has learned to transcend it.”
Alyss Thomas
“… It’s rare to find a book which weaves thoughts around emotional, psychological, spiritual and energetic health into something practical and to do that in relation to grief is quite an achievement.”
“ …This book honestly made me look at grief in a different light. A more positive and healing light, I have to say – moving me from a rather stuck feeling of loss and of being bereft, to a place where I’m starting to see that the love I have for those I have lost can and must continue – just as a full and happy life can and must continue.”
Lucy Boulter
“The free resources are perfect. In fact, I downloaded a couple to use as I have a will but talking with loved ones about the detail is such a great idea and the checklist is masterful.”
Jean Richardson
“Wow! Such a lovingly, heartfelt, well written book…I have read a number of books on grief recently, but none that talked to me like this one.”
“This truly gorgeous, heart-warming and comforting book is for a anyone who wants to explore how loss and grief can help them to evolve and gain deeper inner strength.”
Jeneen Thomsen
“…Highly recommended for anyone who is grieving due to a huge change in their life, whether it be the loss of a loved one, end of a relationship or change of circumstance.
Liz G
“This is a great book that i will definitely be recommending to some friends who are experiencing great loss and grief currently. It is delivered with compassion, sensitivity and in the most soothing manner...
“This book exceeded my expectations, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s warm, full of compassion for the reader, and contains practical steps to help you get through the most difficult of times. You’ll learn so much from reading this book too. Personally, it’s given me a better understanding of grief, the little-known physical effects it has on you and your body, and it’s made me see things with a much clearer perspective. I credit the author and thank her for writing such a beautiful, inspiring, and comforting book.
Emma Gabba
“….Joy’s steps towards resilience add advice, resources, ideas and knowledge wrapped up a layer of companionship and understanding which will help to support anyone going through this process. The second half of the book is about the spiritual connections we all have and I found this the most comforting and hopeful part of the book…
“…I also really like the way the book incorporates personal experiences/case studies with factual information and blends the spiritual view with science. I also thought the practical exercises were great.”
N C – Company Director
From Hole to Whole book

Testimonial for Joy’s Grief Counselling / Coaching

“Before I started my sessions with Joy, I really felt that there was no future at all. Even though I have my children I just couldn’t ever see that I could be happy or enjoy life again. I remember thinking That counselling might help me to “get over “the sudden loss of my husband.

I have never experienced such terrible grief before so it was a learning curve for me. I know now that you never “get over it “, but you learn to live and cope with the new situation. I have learnt so much from the Grief Curve and the effects that it has in the Brain. Understanding this has really helped me to heal.

When it first happened, I felt as though I had been dropped in a huge Black Sea with nothing to hold on to. I relied on my husband for a lot of things and really felt totally helpless. After having weekly sessions with Joy and gradually reducing to fortnightly, I have learned that I can manage ok and I don’t feel that Black Sea feeling anymore.

I have done a lot of home improvements which has helped and even taken the children away in holiday which was a big mountain to climb. I actually enjoyed Christmas this year surrounded by my family but I really felt that I would never enjoy again.

My sessions have taught me to accept my situation and live as a family of three instead of four. I dreaded that thought at first but I have learnt that acceptance is a big step.

I have a long way to go and life will never be the same but I am learning all the time. There are triggers all the time and down days but they have become less. I no longer feel guilty for laughing or smiling.

Thank you Joy x

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