Joy Sackett Wood

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Grief Transformation Coach & Author

Speaking & Podcasts

Accomplished Speaker & Writer on Grief and Loss

Joy is an accomplished speaker and writer who is available to talk to groups, business or networking meetings, and conferences, whether it is online via Zoom or for a podcast, or in person as part of a presentation or as a keynote speaker. In addition, she is able to contribute to magazines or blogs a guest writer.

As a professional Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Relationship and Grief Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher for several years in private practice, Joy has a wealth of experience and information to share since the sudden and unexpected death of her son in October 2018.

The consequent conscious and spiritual expansion which she writes about in her book, “From Hole To Whole: Embracing the Transformation Power of Grief and Loss™ make for engaging, interesting and highly relevant talks appropriate for everyone.

These can include scientific evidence, research, case studies, tools and techniques to support and help ourselves through the loss of our loved one or how to help friends and colleagues through their loss.

Each talk can be tailored to your specific requirements but here are some suggestions:

  • Understanding the complexities of grief and loss, how to healthily grieve, support for self and how to support others both personally and in business.
  • Grief as an opportunity for personal development, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.
  • Personal spiritual & energetic communications to develop a different relationship with loved ones, and evidence-based mediumship.

Joy is happy to discuss what will work best for your audience – please email or call 07919 051956.

Here are some examples of the types of interview that Joy can deliver

Unity Online Radio - USA

Joy is interviewed in this Messages of Hope radio episode by Suzanne Gliesemann in the USA on the Online Unity Radio station – providing the latest in spiritual talk shows.

Messages of Hope online radio show USA
World Book Day interview with Rethink Press

Joy was invited by her publisher, Rethink Press, to read an extract of ‘From Hole To Whole: Embracing the Transformational Power of Grief and Loss’™ to celebrate World Book Day 2021.

Motivation to Write the Book – Interview

Joy talks with Lucy McCarraher of ABOO (A Book of Ones Own) and Founder of Rethink Press about how she was motivated to write her book, From Hole To Whole™, her own grief experience and what people can expect when grieving, together with a positive message about how to move forward.

Speak Your Mind Instagram

Here Joy is interviewed about the book live by Ari Ganesa for her Speak Your Mind broadcast on Instagram

Go to instagram interview >

Business Women's Forum

Debrah Mowlem from the Business Women’s Forum interviewed Joy twice from a business perspective, and then to celebrate the launch of the book. In both, Joy shares her grief journey, emotions and experience.

Business Women's Forum - Part One
Business Women's Forum - Part Two
Spiritual Shepherdess
Jackie Deakin has a podcast called The Spiritual Shepherdess, and here Joy talks about the book and her experience from a spiritual angle.
Yellow Brick Roads
Emma Gabba hosts the Boost Your Confidence with Yellow Brick Roads podcast and here Joy shares her story with Emma prior to the launch of ‘From Hole To Whole’.
Perfect Health Radio Show

Elaine Godley hosts her own radio show called Perfect Health and was enthusiastic about talking with Joy about her book, career and experience to help listeners understand the different types of grief and how to see it as an opportunity for growth.